Running From The Sky Goes to School

Historic props and lots of Q and A's it works well with the History and English curriculum.


The descriptions of the WW11 experience will teach children so much about what life was like during the early stages of the war, school life, and the affects of war. The book also brings into focus the present day and how war still affects children around the world. 

In brief, Sami is a young boy whose home in Syria is destroyed by a deadly bomb attack, as a result he and his parents are given refuge in the UK. Sami is completely befuddled by the whole experience until he strikes up a friendship with an elderly resident in the care home in which his mother works. Harry, the elderly man tells Sami a story which details the WWII bombings in Coventry. 

It is told in a non-threatening way, and in simple illustrative terms. Sami is able to relate to what Harry is telling him, and is comforted and healed by the old man’s words. The two unlikely friends make peace with their troubled pasts and forge a new sense of hope for the future




Creating Characters Workshop



“Meet Dolly Trotter” which encourages the children to get stuck into imaginative writing.

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School Visit Reviews


“The children were really engaged and interested in your story and are all eager to find out what happens. This was the perfect way to encourage children to want to read and write.”   Janet Hunt, The Grange, Daventry

“As soon as I read the blurb I wanted to read it. I did approach the story with a little caution though because it sounded a bit like it would make me cry…… I promise, both children and adults will enjoy it. … This is a beautiful read!”

The children loved the reading and Q&A session. Having the opportunity to speak to a published author has really inspired them and it’s created a real buzz within the phase. The teachers have all commented on how much the children took from it. Running from the Sky is relatable to all of our children at John Gulson, growing up in Coventry where reminders of war are all around us. Amanda has a real passion for reading and writing, which came across and allowed the children to see how reading and writing can be done for pleasure, not just school work. We will definitely be keeping in contact and would recommend Amanda to any school looking to inspire their children! 

Dan MacKintosh,  Assistant Head Teacher, John Gulson School 

On World Book Day, we had the fantastic opportunity to meet and ask questions to an author, whose name is Amanda Malben. We all felt over the moon since Amanda Malben had recently published a book called Running from the Sky. She told us about her journey through it. She also told us five steps to success of writing a book. We really enjoyed our precious time with Amanda. year 5 

I liked how you got to invent a brand new character with my friends – it was hilarious and fun. Year 6.


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