Amanda Malben


About Me

I spend a ginormous amount of time daydreaming; books and the imagination to explore

otherworlds matter to me, a lot. 

When I'm not writing, I walk with my dog, Sally, which gives me the space to think out my stories. Sally always gets to hear the first draft!

I live in the rural heart of England

My favourite place is a beach in Northwest Scotland where I can loll like a sea otter in the still evening waters watching the sun set behind the mountains.

My First Book

'Running From The Sky' is my first book. I never actually intended to write it! 

You can buy my book now from Amazon!  

What I've Done

I have been in many roles in life, from fabric designer to chef to teacher, but now I'm retired and devoting my time to writing. 

I am now busy promoting my book, Running From The Sky! I am happy to give talks to schools, libraries and other educational establishments on topics relating to my books!

Play a FREE audio sample of Bob Dog Gets Kidnapped HERE